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Showing parents that they have the power of choice.

A child’s reality is often shaped by their parent’s reactions. In collaboration with Big Love Child Protection Specialist Centre, we created a campaign to tell parents that parenting comes with choices – and their choice matters.

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Give A Voice 2021 was realised as an omni-channel campaign that featured hard-hitting social posts, a live webinar, and an interactive short film. Our sobering message was brought to life across all our channels, spotlighting the choices that every parent has.

These were punctuated with interactive posts where we invited parents to share their personal stories with us. 

Through the campaign, we got Singaporeans to consider and realise the ramifications of their parenting decisions, and how they affect our children. 

Social media
paid ads

For a message this important, we needed to reach as many parents as we could. We tapped on paid ads on social media and wrote a series of posts that were designed to resonate with a larger audience. 

Our goal was getting parents and families from different walks of life to relate to the issues we were bringing up. 

Leveraging on the reach of these paid ads, we encouraged more parents to join our live webinar, where professionals in the field could share their expertise and experience. 

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live webinar

Our campaign culminated in a live webinar that saw over 450 participants. 

The event was graced by Sun Xueling, Minister of State for Social and Family Development and Education, joining an esteemed panel of professionals in the field who shared how physical punishment can unintentionally become physical abuse. 

The engaging discussion left an imprint on our audience, who walked away with useful tips on how to improve their relationships with their children. 

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To help parents understand the gravity of their choices, we created an interactive short film starring Golden Horse award winner Yeo Yann Yann.

Housed on YouTube, this unique film allows viewers to make  decisions for the protagonist, which will determine what happens next in the film.

By the end of the film, parents are left grappling with the choices they’ve made – and the realisation that while they can choose their action, they have no control over the consequences. Parents are then directed to the website of Big Love Child Protection Specialist Centre, to understand more about child abuse.

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