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Helping a low-cost carrier take the high ground.

AirAsia flies to over 130 destinations, many of which are a stone’s throw away. To get Singaporeans thinking about their next holiday with AirAsia, we invited them to have a “quickie”. Complete with titillating flight discounts and happy endings.

The creative concept was realised as an omnichannel campaign that spanned online videos, digital banners, social media, and even an actual “holiday quickie” for a number of local celebrities.

More importantly, we got Singaporeans thinking about work-life balance, and making time for short getaways. Thanks to AirAsia’s myriad destinations, it’s easy for travellers to bask in the type of experiences they love: whether it’s shopping, surfing, or eating.

MEdia Coverage

The campaign got off to a sensational start. The media loved it, and helped us spread the word to even more Singaporeans.


travel Pack

In line with Holiday Quickies, we prepared a cheeky travel pack for our celebrity travellers. All the travel essentials were re-labelled, adding a touch of brazen fun to the eventful PR trip. At the end of the day, we proved that one doesn’t have to go the distance for serious pleasure. A little quickie will suffice.

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Ad agency: The Teeth + Pencil Sword | PR agency: W Communications

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