Using what’s current to keep science relevant

From oxidation numbers to thermodynamic laws, science can seem dull and dreary. 

To cement its relevance for our Gen Z audiences, we tapped on popular culture and social trends. This led to a series of refreshing posts starring Spider-Man, F1 Grand Prix, Godzilla and so forth.

Riveting quizzes were transformed into striking illustrations, inviting secondary school and JC students to put their formulas to good use. They synthesised an amino-acid compound for Spider-Man web; computed an F1 car’s optimal power; and calculated the mass of an iceberg, required for Godzilla’s dramatic entrance.

In doing so, we got students to apply their scientific knowledge beyond the classroom – and in their daily lives.

Engaging Students Before Class Begins

The results spoke for themselves. Our year-on-year engagement increased by more than tenfold. Contest entries, new followers and enquiries poured in, proving The Science Academy to be the most approachable tuition school in town.







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